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Your surgical specialist examines the structure and health of your mouth, jaws,head, and neck. the restorative dentist studies the shape of your mouth and bite (the way your teeth meet when you chew.) he or she also makes models (plaster molds) of your upper and lower jaws to reveal their exact alignment. If you were a complete or partial denture, your restorative dentist may also evaluate the way it fits in your mouth. 



X-rays and other types of imaging test provide information on the health of your teeth and jaws. A panographic x-ray provides a view of your entire mouth and can indicate bone problem. Scans produced by x-ray tomography may helps your dentists determine whether or not you have enough jawbone to support t a dental implants. If you have an ongoing medical condition, such as diabetes, you may also have blood tests to make sure your condition is under control before treatment begins.

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